What we do

Because tech is business, business is tech.

Tech Companies dictate the tempo. FinTech, RetailTech or other HealthTech innovate and grow at an unprecedented pace, defining a new standard. To rebound and remain a leader in your market, understanding and integrating their essential characteristics is a must.

We help our customers to become Tech Companies.

We intervene to modernize information systems. To define or challenge Cloud or Data strategies. To industrialize approaches (DataOps, FinOps, GreenOps...). To acculturate, train and align people. To set up the right organization, the right governance.
Always with the idea of a winning business strategy.

Who we are

We are the consulting subsidiary of the SFEIR group.

  • We base our consulting on recognized technical expertise
  • We provide actionable advice, adapted to your context
  • We have a vision and convictions

The first of our convictions is that to ensure the success of your projects and your strategy, we must work with you on 3 aspects at the same time:

technology, organization and culture

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